photo: Davi Cohen by Sebastian Collett

Tuesday, August 31st, 8pm,

August LineUp:

Afternoon Playland

Bronwyn Sims with Antigone.

Clowns With Gowns: Clown Theatre

Lana LaRue and Misslip from the troupe Lana LaRue and Her Boomer Revue.

Glen Raphael: Itinerant Troubadour

Billy: Clown

Davina Cohen and Sophia Remolde:  Darth and Lobster

Patrick Donnelly aka Rufus: Bouffon

The Amazing Amy with Yoga Yenta: My Yiddishe Yoga
FIRST PRIZE at the CONEY ISLAND Circus Freaks and Side Show Geeks!

Jonathan Kaplan is a Flower...