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photograph © 2011 Jim Moore  


8pm the Last Tuesday of Each Month!

“It's like getting in trouble in your friends' parents basement!”                                     audience member

We give New York City's craziest performers five minutes and 32 square feet, (if they stay on stage – many don't), and tell them not to hurt the audience (too much). Variety, burlesque, performance-art, clown, music, poetry, drag, magic and just plain stupid humor; for the past year and a half thirty lucky audience members a month have crammed themselves into a basement way out in Ditmas Park, and have been subjected to Eleven Second Dance Parties, juggling knives, whip-smart pasties 'n tassles, and other performers taking physical, psychological, social or spiritual risks. And they keep comin' back for more! Where haveyou been? Get yourself to tinyDANGEROUSfun!....if you DARE!


Sycamore Bar Basement

1118 Cortelyou Rd. at Westminster Road (Q train to Cortelyou)
Brooklyn, NY

$10 at the door


"way more dangerous than I had expected!"

Ever wondered how we choose the line-up?  

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March Line-Up (so far)

Posted by John Leo on Monday, March 12, 2012, In : LineUps 

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn
Compassionate Service On Behalf 
of the Poor Lesser Souls of 
the Telestial Kingdom

 Tada-Homosexual Clown Freak
Mop Bucket Dancing, Ice and Poetry

Tanya Solomon
a wonder minute


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February 28th LINE UP!!

Posted by John Leo on Tuesday, February 21, 2012, In : LineUps 


The BJ's


Song & Dance Man

Lily Stitches

Tanya Solomon
a wonder minute

Stephen Bracco

Slash Coleman

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tDf is BACK! January's HOT!

Posted by John Leo on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, In : LineUps 
here's a sneakie-peakie at this month's line-up!

Mollena Williams

Standup Comedy


sword dance
a "Wonder Minute"

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn
Musical Farce

Gustavo Pace 


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November 2011 Line Up!

Posted by John Leo on Monday, November 28, 2011, In : LineUps 

Zero Boy - Vocal Acrobat
(photo by Jim Moore)

Rosalie - Burlesque/Performance Art

Michael Karas - Dangerous Juggling Insanity!

Zoe Ziegfeld - Burlesque

Zoo Fushia - Music

Sincerely Yours - Burlesque 
...and YOU?!
One more slot open! Sign up at: 

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Oct 25 Line Up

Posted by John Leo on Monday, October 17, 2011, In : LineUps 

Comedy Dominatrix
Twists Naughty Balloons
art: Dylan Carroll 

The Birdmann- (FROM AUSTRALIA!) 
Vanguard of Vaudeville

(John Leo/Jay Dunn)
A Victorian Clown Throwdown
photo: Sophie Nimmannit 

Blindfolded Fire-Dance
photo: Jim Moore


original funny songs

Butch Punk Meets Chair Dance
photo: Joseph Lambert

Object Theater 
The Card of Vulnerability
photo: Linus Gelber

Zachary Boyce
Sincere ...

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Sept 27th Line-Up!

Posted by John Leo on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, In : LineUps 


Graspy Bouffon

The Donovan Ensemble Vaudeville Duo 
 Peter Daniel Straus Yo-Yo Burlesque/Comedy

the dUKEss of Rock Shakespearean Uke 

Jon Braman Ukulele Hip Hop 

 Ambrose Martos Master of Unpredictability

PLUS! a "Wonder Minute" with  Tanya Solomon



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August LINE - UP

Posted by John Leo on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, In : LineUps 

Redhot Pinky Burlesque
Glen Raphael Music
Gabriela Munoz Clown   
Cobra Gold! Music, with some laughs 
Bee Bernard Clown  
Gustavo Pace Clown


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tdf TURNS ONE!! (with AUDREY CRABTREE and john leo!)

Posted by John Leo on Monday, June 20, 2011, In : LineUps 
celebrate with these folks: 

Redhot Pinky! Burlesque  (pictured above)

 Mollena (Mo) Williams (above) 
Deeply Fucked Up Bedtime Story

Chris Rozzi (above)  ??

 Jeff Seal (above) Clown
Gustavo Pace                  Physical comedy

Leela                         Oriental Dance 
Amazing Amy                 Yoga Contortion Dance
jane and joe                 Music (below) (curator's note: these two will KILL YOU with sweetness!)
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Can you HANDLE the women of May 24th's tinydangerousfun?

Posted by John Leo on Monday, May 9, 2011, In : LineUps 
One of May's performers described their work thusly:
one can never say what one may never do, if it is up to you to be the one to say it true

       They'll also treat you to:
possibly fire on head;
Your worst fear, tiny and macabre; and Mmmm...lunch time!

Rebecca Patek (below)   Slam Poetry

Hilary Chaplain    Mask

Eva von Schweinitz    Multimedia Performance

Tanya Solomon as Cloris Flap Clown 

BURIED ALIVE! Matchbox Theatre    Puppetry
Leela    Oriental Dance
MMOMMIA PCBICODAS    fourth wallLes...
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April's lookin' figgin' awesome!

Posted by John Leo on Monday, April 11, 2011, In : LineUps 
Zero Boy (below) - Vocal Acrobat

Jeff and Buttons - Duo Vaudeville Type Clowns

Sophie Nimmannit (on the left) - Game Show, Q or dare

Raphi Soifer - Tropicalia Folk-Rock with Extra Lime

Periodically Functional (with special guest Howlin' Arthur) - Music

Zea - Butoh

Peter Musante  -  Clown

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March LINE-UP!

Posted by John Leo on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : LineUps 
Dizzy Swank (above)- Burlesque
Billy dee Bedlam - Clown
Christopher Scheer - Comedy, Magic and ART
Violeta Tellez - Dance
Ready to (Blank) - Improvised Dance/Theater   
Glen Raphael - Comedy Folk Music
Amazing Amy - Contortion: Unique Yoga Dancing
Lola Bruise (below)- Burlesque/sideshow
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January Lined-Up!

Posted by John Leo on Thursday, January 6, 2011, In : LineUps 
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011, 8pm

Will Shaw (above) - Spinning Top Mayhem!
The Ragdoll Engine Collective - Live banjo, live clown!
Marina Tsaplina - Puppets objects performance weee!
Abby Bender and Richard Harrington - Dance
Billy dee Bedlam  - Burlesque   
Brian Zimbler - Old Man Answers Audience Questions!
Glen Raphael - Music
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 & Handsome Jeremy - Cosmic Tranny Universal Love Cabaret!

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Ahhh!!! Tuesday, Nov 30th! 8pm!

Posted by John Leo on Wednesday, November 17, 2010, In : LineUps 
Anthropologists encountering love and gore!
Staring into the eye of the galaxy!
Bouffons insisting upon thankfulness!
Mystifying demonstrations of medical advancement!

Graspy McTakeItAll (above, photo by Ken Stein) - Bouffon
Jane and Joe DeVivre - Folkie Music
Professor VindleVoss and Her Friend - Clown
Bryce Panic -  Clown, Music, flaming knife throwing?
"Kolectivo Que Da Alegría" presents "Chispi El Payaso" - Clown
Aaron Lisman - Music
The Subway Sisters (below) - Clown

Michael Freeman (below) - Clo...
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October 26 Line-Up, linin' up!

Posted by John Leo on Monday, October 18, 2010, In : LineUps 

Christoph Holger (above)- Clownesque

Glen Raphael - Singer/Songwriter   

Bony Lil - Clown

Alaska Thunderfuck & Handsome Jeremy  - Queer Cabaret
Richard Harrington - Storytelling   

Tanya Solomon - Clown/Magic

Anthony "Rev." Wills Jr,III - Singer/Songwriter

Morgan Nichols - Celluloid Projection (w/live music)

James and JF (below) - Clown/comedy

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September 28 is looking tinyDANGEROUSfun....

Posted by John Leo on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, In : LineUps 

Bryce Panic (above) Clown, with music... (all the way from Argentina!)
Audrey Crabtree: Bouffon
Lola Bruise Sideshow/Burlesque
Emily Kenyon Scott (below)

Sophie Nimmannit Game Show (below)

Pretty Smart: Music

and more!
(There's still room if you want to sign up)

Tuesday, September 28, 8pm
$10 @ the door
Sycamore Bar Basement (http://sycamorebrooklyn.com/)
1118 Cortelyou Rd. at Westminster Road (Q train to Cortelyou)
Brooklyn, NY

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tdf august

Posted by John Leo on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, In : LineUps 

photo: Davi Cohen by Sebastian Collett

Tuesday, August 31st, 8pm,

August LineUp:

Afternoon Playland

Bronwyn Sims with Antigone.

Clowns With Gowns: Clown Theatre

Lana LaRue and Misslip from the troupe Lana LaRue and Her Boomer Revue.

Glen Raphael: Itinerant Troubadour

Billy: Clown

Davina Cohen and Sophia Remolde:  Darth and Lobster

Patrick Donnelly aka Rufus: Bouffon

The Amazing Amy with Yoga Yenta: My Yiddishe Yoga
FIRST PRIZE at the CONEY ISLAND Circus Freaks and Side Show Geeks!

Jonathan Kaplan is...

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tdf july

Posted by John Leo on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, In : LineUps 


July 27
8pm, doors at 7:45pm

MCs: John Leo & Audrey Crabtree!
Shara Ashley Zeiger, Clown Theatre
exHOTic other (from Brown Girls Burlesque): Burlesque
Barbara Ann Michaels (as Cliff): Rockin' Clown Theatre
Ora Fruchter & Christopher Scheer: An Existential Sing-Along
Erickson Huertas, Clown
Helen Nesteruk and Marina Mezzogiorno: Clown Duo
Laura Cossa: Clown Golf

photo of John Leo by Francis Heaney


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tdf june

Posted by John Leo on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, In : LineUps 

Tuesday, June 29, 8pm

JUNE LINE-UP! (click on name for link!)
MC's: Andy Sapora & John Leo
Deborah Kaufmann: Matchbox Puppet Theatre

Jon Braman: Father of Ukulele Hip Hop!
Lorinne Lampert: Uke-Lola, the tap-dancing ukulele chanteuse!
Karim Muachar & Carrie Brown: YoYo and NoNo, Small Town Clowns meet Big City Frowns
Anthony, "Rev.", Wills Jr., III: Corporate Mockery
Lily Stitches: Burlesque from New Jersey

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Hosts, John Leo & Andy Sapora
photograph © 2011 Jim Moore

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