One of May's performers described their work thusly:
one can never say what one may never do, if it is up to you to be the one to say it true

       They'll also treat you to:
possibly fire on head;
Your worst fear, tiny and macabre; and Mmmm...lunch time!

Rebecca Patek (below)   Slam Poetry

Hilary Chaplain    Mask

Eva von Schweinitz    Multimedia Performance

Tanya Solomon as Cloris Flap Clown 

BURIED ALIVE! Matchbox Theatre    Puppetry
Leela    Oriental Dance
MMOMMIA PCBICODAS    fourth wallLess streaming semi scripted unrehearsed unlearned exploration of possible supposition of brithright and beyond OR bouffon-Ishhhh?
Lindsay    Lecture
oh, and there's a dude, in fact he's:
"The Most Talented Man Alive" (below)   Variety