A hilariously penetrating look at queer sex for straight folks, complete with sing-a-longs, how-to’s, romance, puppets and soul-baring striptease. John and Sophie have crafted perhaps the silliest, most heartfelt romantic comedy about anal sex imaginable! Their beginner's guide, stuffed with toys and songs, goes off-script with a lover's quarrel that tickles qualms, exposes scruples, liberates desire and comes to a climax where everyone gets off!

Developed with help from an early run at Dixon Place’s famed living room on the Bowery, Peg-ass-us was rated “Best Comedy” at the 2008 San Francisco Fringe Festival. It has appeared at the Montreal Fringe Festival, the Brick Theater (Brooklyn), Bard College (hosted by the Queer-Straight Alliance), Brown University (for Sex Week!) and returned to Dixon Place as Artists-in-Residence in October 2009. In February 2010, Peg-ass-us went on tour to Juneau (AK), Seattle and Portland, to perform in front of surprised and enthusiastic audiences!

The show is currently booking future performances, dreaming of colleges, and a "Tex-ass Tour"!

**Peg - Ass - Us contains nudity and sexually explicit content.

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From Peg-Ass-Us by Louis Longpre