Number's Up!


(an Ode to the Glorious Awkwardness of Being)

written and performed by John Leo

Li’l Buoy Physical Theatre (Gold Medalist! 2007 NYC Clown Olympics for Eccentric Dance!) presents a show of exquisite beauty and brutal honesty. Colossal global superstar El Macho Del Norte has wandered off for good, leaving his overwrought sidekick pants down, curtains up. Our reluctant hero unpacks his baggage and turns himself inside out in a show filled with outrageous physical comedy, bittersweet melodies and buoyant gravitas.

…Number’s Up! is suitable for teens and adults and runs for approximately an hour and ten minutes without an intermission.

"Number's Up!" exposes the necessarily awkward and hilarious nature of human interaction. Leo's versatile clowning makes for an utterly satisfying comedy that flows seamlessly even without a narrative plot...["Number's Up!}...deserves a full house.

Audiences write about …Number’s Up!

"My whole head hurt from laughing and smiling after this show." Roni Goldstein Minnesota Fringe Festival Audience Buzz

"Existential Ice-Skating!" Anon Montreal Fringe Audience Buzz

"Odd, uncomfortable. John is possibly Pee Wee Herman and Andy Kauffman's bastard son. In a good way. 5 Stars" Karyn Boulder Fringe Audience Buzz


Number's Up!

Click on the photo for Hi Resolution Photo (photo by Cindy Lopez)