Get ready...                  

Not only is it America's favorite Mexican holiday, it's also the birthday of the Maestrosities!
That's right, May 5th is ¡Cinco de Maestro!
Come celebrate with us at Dixon Place!
A very special show, featuring very special guests:
The awe-inspiring & mystifying magnificence of The Amazing El Macho del Norte (& John Leo)!
The absurdly adorable and awesomely talented, Uke-Lola!
The magic moves and madcap mayhem of the Leroy Sisters!
The sweetly melodious and savagely comic songs of Francis Heaney!
The stunning beauty and side-splitting comedy of James & JF!
And, of course, none other than The Coolest Band Ever.... The Maestrosities!

Make this a May 5th to remember, by remembering to come on down to
¡Cinco de Maestro!
The funnest fiesta in town!  (If the Maestro says it, it must be a real word!)

¡Thursday, May 5th!

¡Dixon Place!
(161A Chrystie Street, between Rivington and Delancey, New York City)

¡Tickets are $10!
Get your tickets early, so you don't miss out!

The Maestrosities are: Gina Samardge, Rod Kimball, Dave Gochfeld,  Andy Sapora & Glen Heroy.