come take this workshop at this amazing place in the Berkshires!

E a r t h d a n c e

E | MERGE Interdisciplinary Arts Exchange Workshop Weekend
February 4 - 6, 2011 


I'll be teaching: Clown in Contact with John Leo . Haven't you looked at contact improvisation and said to yourself, "this stuff is WEIRD! and really FUNNY!" In this class we'll expand on the comedic potential of contact improv.  Using extreme contrasts, timing and stillness we'll delve into the Comic Duo. Think Laurel and Hardy meets Lucy and Desi meets Pilobolus.

Registration and Fees

Entire Festival (3 Tiers Available - Tuition/Room/Board All Inclusive):
   Student Rate: Economically challenged students and the unemployed: $175
   Regular Rate: Employed but struggling (teacher, librarian, lots of kids, etc.): $200
   Professional Rate: Actually contributing to your retirement plan (support the arts!): $225
Single Day (Includes Classes, Meals and Evening Activities): $75
Single Class: $25

Deposit Required: $75

Arrival Thursday, February 5, after 5 p.m.
Last session ends Sonday evening, February 7