Handshake Uppercut

Handshake Uppercut

 a Victorian Clown Throwdown

Created and Performed by  John Leo & Jay Dunn 

Two slightly perverted but naively well-intentioned mutes drag each other through life with only each other's mischievous cruelty to keep them warm. With voyeuristic vaudeville bits, and surrealist non sequitors, John Leo and Jay Dunn marry Beckett's existential bleakness, the Marquis de Sade's power-games, and Keaton's comedic sincerity. Both epic and infinitesimal, these gentleman comrades will laugh you out of your seat while they steal it from under you.

Warning: Violence, Sexiness and Booze will be Goin' On.  

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"a brilliant piece of theater...Handshake Uppercut will help raise the quality bar of clown-theater.” -maskarts.com
“It made me crème fraîche my panties” 
"Wretched! Wonderful!"
"I had a stupid smile on my face for most of the show!"
"Hilarious and beautiful. Thank you!" 
"Brilliant physical comedy, but totally disturbing"
"...a daring poignant relationship journey"
-audience reviews
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The Tank, NYC 
As part of the New Works Festival, May, 2012

Dixon Place, NYC
six-week Artist-in-Residency & three-week run, November 2011

 NY Clown Theatre Festival

The Brick Theater, September 2011

at Triskelion Arts, April 2011

 Studio A.I.R.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, April 2011

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